IWLS 2018
International Workshop on Lot Sizing

August 22nd - 24th, 2018
Ubatuba, Brazil


You may need a visa to visit Brazil

  • Please check with your local embassy if a Visa is required. Brazilian federal law mandates that tourism and/or business visas be required from all citizens of countries that require similar visas from Brazilians.
  • Entry visas for visiting Brazil are currently required from citizens from Australia, Canada, Haiti, the United States of America, most countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania, and a few other countries. A complete list of nationalities that need visas is available from:
  • Entry visas for Brazil are not required for short tourism and business trips by citizens of most countries in South America, Central America, and Europe, as well as nationals from South Africa, Singapore, Israel, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia and some other countries. Visit the following website for more information:

How to apply for a Brazilian visa?

Letter of invitation

  • Brazilian authorities may request letters of invitation from IWLS 2018 participants. If you need a letter of invitation, please, send an email to: iwls2018brazil@gmail.com.